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From September to December 2018, TECHNA ran a survey of corn crop quality based on corn samples collected from different regions of France. The conclusion?

TECHNA FRANCE NUTRITION will once again attend the JRP 2019 (Journées de la recherche porcine, Pig Research Days), on February 5th and 6th

Animal welfare will be one of the ‘hot topics’ tackled at Eurotier 2018. TECHNA’s approach is the result of close observation and findings drawn from rigorous trials and field studies.

TECHNA feed experts will present their approach and products to succeed without medication at Eurotier, Germany, from 13-16 November, 2018.

TECHNA FRANCE NUTRITION, a 100% consultancy and feed expertise company, supports the development of animal production companies and feed millers alike on technical, economic, environmental

In the poultry-farming sector, the implementation of rearing conditions conducive to the expression of the animals’ natural behaviour is one of the criteria used to evaluate welfare.

The good management of calving intervals and the average lactation stage of the herd are important drivers of profitability on dairy farms.

The concept of the link between sow and piglet developed by TECHNA FRANCE NUTRITION over the past several years covers a range of complementary themes.

With its commitment to the “2018-2025 rabbit pact for the future”, the TECHNA feed service company is pursuing its technical and scientific investments targeting the rabbit species.

As a recognized actor in the rabbit industry, TECHNA FRANCE NUTRITION feed expertise company is pleased to announce the arrival of Jennifer RAFFIN as Rabbit Sp