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The feed expertise company Feedia presents Wefeed ® for Poultry, a decision support tool available to their farm organization customers to help manage farm data.

Launched in autumn 2019, Easy Map ® Suckler cow Herd automatically collects and prioritizes farm data.

The feed expertise company Feedia By Techna continues to expand their pig platform for feed manufacturers.

The feed expertise  company Feedia by Techna has studied the feeding behaviour of fattening rabbits and is making new ration recommendations that factor in the variations in feed intake obs

What could be the best suited feeding strategy should one no longer be able to resort to zinc oxide for reducing piglet diseases and diarrhea at weaning?

In 2019, the TECHNA Group's feed expertise unit has become a fully-fledged brand in its own right named FEEDIA®.

Sustainable development of Turkey farms is currently the object of many studies. One of the key-concerns of professionals in the sector lies in strengthening turkeys' bone structure.

Feedia®’s well-honed approach to reduce antibiotics on farms in pig, rabbit and poultry will take center stage at VIV’ASIA 2019.

From September to December 2018, TECHNA ran a survey of corn crop quality based on corn samples collected from different regions of France. The conclusion?

TECHNA FRANCE NUTRITION will once again attend the JRP 2019 (Journées de la recherche porcine, Pig Research Days), on February 5th and 6th