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What strategies for calcium and phosphorus supply for turkeys from 0 to 70 days?

Sustainable development of Turkey farms is currently the object of many studies. One of the key-concerns of professionals in the sector lies in strengthening turkeys' bone structure. FEEDIA® poultry specialists focused their research more precisely on a balanced supplies of phosphorus and calcium. These findings will be presented as part of the 13th Turkey Science and Production Conference.

Turkey times: A 13th edition with a marked focus on Russia

Group TECHNA are proud to announce their participation at the 13th conference of Turkey times. The 2018 turkey event was a great success, attracting over 330 delegates from over 30 countries. This year’s edition will take place from March 6-8th. As part of the 2019 series, 320 delegates from Europe, North Africa and North America are expected.

The key market talk this year will focus on the Russian turkey production with the presence of Albert Davleyev, the president of Russia’s consulting agency Agrifood Strategies. Once again, TECHNA will sponsor this event and one of FEEDIA®'s poultry expert will be giving a presentation on calcium and phosphorus levels in turkeys diets and their impact on bone mineralisation as well as technical performance.

How to strengthen bones through tailored nutrition in turkeys?

Calcium and phosphorus are essential for many functions in poultry physiology, especially for bone formation and structure. The last published NRC recommendations for these minerals were made in 1994. Since then, knowledge in many factors has considerably evolved such as in the fields of genetics, management, nutrition and the birds' needs.

The paper will go over two experiments that were meant to evaluate the effect of Ca and P on turkeys’ bone mineralisation and performance.

If you would like to find out how to apply the findings of this new research in your own production context, do not hesitate to contact us for further information. You are also more than welcome to meet our experts from March 6-8th in Chester!

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