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In 2019, FEEDIA® has become the new brand for TECHNA’s feed expertise trade

In 2019, the TECHNA Group's feed expertise unit has become a fully-fledged brand in its own right named FEEDIA®. This new image reflects the vocation of FEEDIA®’s experts: to support their customers around three main areas of expertise: precision nutrition, breeding techniques and production economics.

feedia techna new brand feed expertise tradeAround the world, consumers are coming to expect a more ethical form of production which is more respectful of the limits of the planet's resources, and which utilizes them more appropriately.
For more than 50 years, the TECHNA feed expertise unit has been improving animal nutrition by providing reliable and innovative products and services to animal production and feed companies.

It contributes to the development of their customers by improving their technicality and their profitability.

A sharp expertise at the service of feed millers'

FEEDIA® is supported by its team of men and women, present in France and internationally. They are hands-on experts in technical processes. For them, such values as responsiveness, adaptability, professionalism and constructive demands are the key factors in customer relationship.
Loudly and clearly, FEEDIA® bears TECHNA’s signature : “More than nutrition” and assumes its role of nutrition consultant and designer of additive and digital solutions. The objective is to allow its customers to always be more efficient and to hone their expertise, by applying sustainable farming practices.

Read TECHNA’s press release about TECHNA’s new brand organization.


NB: Techna France Nutrition, Nutral, Hexagri, Horse Techna, Ege Techna, Techna Central and West Africa, Techna Ireland Nutrition, Techna Nutrition Vietnam, Techna Poland, Techna Tunisia and Techna Vitamix remain the registered names of TECHNA Group’s corporate entities.

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