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Cow-calf and dairy herd management: the Easy Map ® tool proves its worth and gets some new features

Launched in autumn 2019, Easy Map ® Suckler cow Herd automatically collects and prioritizes farm data. The technician and the farmer can see indicators on technical, health and financial aspects, so they can define together what actions should be taken. 

easy map ruminant suckling farm performance and productivity

After several months of use, the initial results prove the worth of this tool, both in strengthening the technical relationship between the farmer and his technician and in identifying sources of productivity and profitability. The initial data show that there are widely differing situations on farms, in particular in terms of the reproduction and mortality of calves, which are the two main levers of profitability on suckling farms.

Easy Map ® “dairy” goes further

The "dairy" version of Easy Map ® now has a new feature called Easy Map® View. This allows manufacturers to see how the performance of their group of farmers compares to the entire database. This information can be used to identify trends and generate discussions at meetings.

Mycotoxin control in dairy cows

Analyses performed last winter show that mycotoxins are once again largely present in dairy cow rations. Feedia is expanding their range of solutions to this problem: a practical approach to identify the right strategy for controlling mycotoxin risk on farms, two levels of laboratory analysis (rapid and exhaustive) and conclusive field data showing the efficacy of the new generation of Vitalprotect® Secure products.

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