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The Wefeed Pig data management platform now features 2 new modules

The feed expertise company Feedia By Techna continues to expand their pig platform for feed manufacturers. After launching the Audit module in September 2019, they will introduce the Nutri and Carcass modules this autumn.

Accessible on smartphone, tablet and PC and easy to configure

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Wefeed ® for pig is a unique platform. Accessible on smartphone, tablet and PC, usable in online and offline mode, featuring a large technical database developed and updated by Feedia experts, Wefeed ® is above all a tool that can be fully and easily configured by the manufacturer.

Develop to enhance performance, decision-making and profitability, Wefeed ® delivers improvements in sow, piglet and swine production.

Modules to manage the feeding strategy and maximize farmers' net income

The Nutri module is designed to manage the feeding strategy during fattening and determines which feeds are best for productivity and profitability. First it assesses the feeding strategy in place using clear and legible screens, then it suggests a new feeding plan. The plan is based on discussions between the technician and the farmer and takes into account both the farmer's profitability and productivity objectives and the manufacturer's range of feeds.

The Carcass module is clearly aimed at optimizing the farmer's slaughter objectives. By simulating sending pigs to slaughter based on weight and fattening time, and the choice of slaughterhouse and payment scale, Wefeed ® Carcass optimizes the farmer's net income.

In the earlier stages, the Audit module is a front-line tool. Manufacturers configure their audit models from a library of existing criteria. The audit summarizes the strong points and the areas for improvement of the farming conditions, allowing the technician to make a quick and accurate assessment.

Robust piglets with Imun'up ®

In terms of products, Feedia presents Imun'up ® , for more robust piglets. Imun'up ®combines aromatic compounds and select plant extracts to help improve piglet performance and immunity.


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