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Automate poultry farm data management with Wefeed ®

The feed expertise company Feedia presents Wefeed ® for Poultry, a decision support tool available to their farm organization customers to help manage farm data.

plateforme wefeed outil de pilotage elevage volaille performance et optimisation

A complete tool to optimize the use of farm data

The application will be available in early 2021 and runs on PC and smartphone. It can be used across all poultry species (broilers, layers, breeders) and all systems (conventional, alternative). Easy to use and ergonomic, Wefeed ® will help:

  • Improve efficiency and reaction time by providing fast, objective information about the situation in the field.
  • Fine tune a strategy by comparing data over time and in relation to an environment (intra- and inter-farm organizations).

Wefeed ® for poultry is built around 4 modules that meet the needs of different users

  •  Tool for farmers

The digital farm record automatically generates a recap of the intermediate batch data (viability, weight, feed intake, environment, prophylaxis, egg). This information can be used to analyse batch performance.

  • Tool for technicians

This module helps the technician report on technical visits to farms (combination of notes, photos and comments by category). Audit models are also available (start-up, biosecurity, water quality, animal welfare, etc.) and other modules can be customized for specific needs.

  • Management for poultry production organisation

Several management tools are available, such as technical performance analysis, finished product quality, nutritional positioning and financial optimization.

  • Feedia projections

In the 4 areas of nutrition and feedd, production method, genetics and contract, this module can be used with Feedia experts in order to carry out simulations, based on data from the production organisation, to fine tune their future strategy on specific subjects.

A platform in line with Feedia's poultry solutions

Thanks to its many features, the Wefeed® tool is aligned with the poultry solutions built around 6 pillars: Technical performance, financial optimization, implementation of alternative processes, analysis of
animal behaviour and ethics, quality of finished products and finally management of the breeder-chick link.

Find out more at the Sommet de l'Elevage 2020: Hall 1, row D/E, stand 132