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TECHNA supports technical, economic, environmental and societal evolutions in the rabbit-farming sector

With its commitment to the “2018-2025 rabbit pact for the future”, the TECHNA feed service company is pursuing its technical and scientific investments targeting the rabbit species. Meet TECHNA experts at the upcoming SPACE livestock exhibition (11-14 September 2018) for more information on the latest "made in TECHNA" innovations for rabbits!

Space 2018: spotlight on rabbit farming

This “2018-2025 rabbit pact for the future”, constructed by the inter-trade rabbit organisation, is designed to support the consumption of rabbit meat, along with efficient, sustainable production systems.

It is hinged around four priorities: reinforcing biosafety on farms, continued reduction in antibiotic use, developing animal welfare - particularly via the establishment of alternative farming systems - and improving the environmental performance of rabbit farms.

Be it in terms of nutrition, reduced use of medicinal products, rearing management strategies, animal welfare, yield or meat quality, the key work themes driving TECHNA’s rabbit department fit squarely with the sector’s objectives. Consequently, TECHNA fully supports the changes under way in this sector, be they technical, economic, environmental or societal.

Rabbit welfare, a key-issue

Issues related to animal welfare are particularly tangible and pertinent. TECHNA tackles this issue from two angles, affecting both rabbits’ behaviour and their nutritional requirements: by focusing on the type of housing (partial, mixed or full pen) and rearing management (“all-in/all-out” system, adaptation of slaughter age, etc.).

In this context, TECHNA designs specific and customised nutritional specifications. The challenge is finding the best possible balance between energy and fibre intake in order to combine performance with digestive safety. TECHNA also proposes a fibre stick called Lapifibres®, formulated to provide rabbits with a mixture of long fibres. These sticks offer both behavioural and health benefits, allowing rabbits to express their natural chewing habits and providing digestive comfort. To supplement the animal welfare offer, a range of nutritional solutions exist to help manage a variety of problems, such as aggressive behaviour or parasite control.

Find out more at SPACE!

TECHNA FRANCE NUTRITION at SPACE 2018: Hall 5, row A, stand 10




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