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SPACE 2021 PIG: Imun’UpⓇ , Preventing maternal mortality

The concept of the sow-piglet bond developed by Feedia over several years covers a range of complementary themes. This concept is based on the observation and in-depth study of a number of transfers that take place from the mother to the piglet. These include passive immunity transmitted by the sow via colostrum, digestive safety, and the positive orientation of the microbiota.

In recent work, Feedia has paid particular attention to the robustness of the piglet throughout the post-weaning period. The challenge is to manage the challenging periods of the piglet's growth in the best possible way. To achieve this, Feedia focuses primarily on improving piglet robustness from birth, by investing in maternal nutrition with solutions such as Imun'Up.                                                                                                                         

Imun’Up is designed to : 

  • Optimise the immune status of the sow and improve the quality of the colostrum (passive immunity)
  • Improve the immune status of the piglet after weaning (active immunity)

The specifically selected active ingredients (plant extracts and aromatic compounds) in Imun'Up help to improve the immune status of the sow, by modulating the inflammatory response and the production of antibodies in the colostrum. A good colostrum intake enhances the piglets' ability to respond to infections from external pathogens. Trials conducted by Feedia at the Saint Symphorien experimental station have shown the impact of Imun'Up on increasing piglet robustness and the IgG content of colostrum (+15% across all litter rows). This results in more piglets at the time of adoption and higher feed consumption (without any change in CI) leading to a significant improvement in growth performance: +1.5kg live weight at the end of post-weaning.

Find out more at the SPACE and the SOMMET DE L'ELEVAGE !

  • SPACE 2021 : Hall 5, Stand A23
  • ​Sommet de l’Elevage 2021 : Hall 1, Row D.E,Stand 0132