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SPACE 2021 RUMINANT: Feedia reinvents energy efficiency in ruminant nutrition with ElensisⓇ

ElensisⓇ is a product whose active ingredients have been carefully selected to optimise energy use for ruminants. 

The claimed objective of ElensisⓇ is clear: to participate in the energy valorization of diets and so improve performances.

ElensisⓇ: encapsulated active ingredients with synergistic effects

In the rumen, part of the nutrients in the ration is transformed into volatile fatty acids (VFA) which are precursors of glucose. The energy efficiency is not identical according to the different VFAs produced. The active ingredients in ElensisⓇ were therefore chosen for their targeted action in the rumen and for their effect on the profile of VFAs produced. This product benefits from a specific coating process for targeted release. Indeed, the technology used allows both a rapid release and a delayed release of its active ingredients.

Improving performance and helping to reduce the environmental footprint

The various trials conducted in pilot farms and research centres confirm the potential of ElensisⓇ to significantly improve milk production (+1.2 kg/animal/d according to an average of trials) and growth performance in beef cattle (ADG + 6% according to an average of trials) and sheep. When ElensisⓇ is used on top of the ration of dairy cows, a significant decrease in methane production was also observed.

Combined with FEEDIA's nutritional expertise, ElensisⓇ can be used in a variety of ways: either to balance the energy in the diet or to formulate a feed with more competitive energy sources.

Find out more at the SPACE and the SOMMET DE L'ELEVAGE !

  • SPACE 2021 : Hall 5, Stand A23
  • ​Sommet de l’Elevage 2021 : Hall 1, Row D.E,Stand 0132