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Aromatic substances in the spotlight at Zero Zinc Summit 2019

What could be the best suited feeding strategy should one no longer be able to resort to zinc oxide for reducing piglet diseases and diarrhea at weaning? To find out, do not miss FEEDIA experts’ poster at the upcoming Zero Zinc Summit 2019, to be held in Copenhagen on 17th-18th June.

Zero Zinc Summit 2019, in search of viable solutions to stop zinc oxide use in piglet nutrition

end zinc oxide piglet nutrition weaning zero zinc summitThe European Union has decided that by 2022, pharmacological doses of zinc oxide will be prohibited from post-weaning piglet feed in EU. Although this ban marks a step forward in the pig nutrition research, this means that pig farmers will have to find other alternatives to zinc to cope with disease incidents in post-weaning piglets while avoiding diarrhea.

The upcoming Zero Zinc Summit 2019 (17-18 June) will be a timely opportunity to discuss this pending issue. This event will gather together a panel of experts (more than 400 participants are expected, along with 26 presentations and 59 posters) to share the latest findings in this field. The objective is to help the entire European pig industry find viable and practical solutions.

Alternatives to medicated strategies proven effective in piglet

As part of Zero Zinc Summit, a poster by FEEDIA pig experts - TECHNA feed expertise brand -  will be  displayed. This research is based on the observation that some aromatic substances are known to improve performance and health parameters in weaning piglets thereby limiting the need for medication. Medicated strategies have been shown to alter the maturation of microbiota, leading to unstable health parameter and improved (Ab) or altered (ZnO) performances. However, some well-described aromatic substances have been found to moderately modify the microbiota and improve performance and health parameters.

If you are a feed miller or nutritionist and looking for a product that can help reduce the use of antibiotics and zinc oxide in piglet feed, contact our FEEDIA swine experts for further information!


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