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What could be the best suited feeding strategy should one no longer be able to resort to zinc oxide for reducing piglet diseases and diarrhea at weaning?

The Pig, Poultry and Dairy Focus Asia 2018 (PP&DFA 2018) is held from 21 - 23 March 2018, in Bangkok, Thaïland.

Not only is TECHNA supporting the Turkey Science and Production Conference for the 2nd consecutive year but as part of this 12th

How can we reshape intensive poultry farming when facing increasingly demanding societal expectations?

Euronutrition SAS, the first European private research center for animal nutrition and monogastric farming, commissioned a new building at the end of 2016.

High somatic cell count is a very costly issue in dairy farms. The economic impact can go up to 230 € / dairy cow / year.

Within the framework of "Precision Feeding" and "Big Data", exploiting software data can help livestock farmers achieve an ever more accurate optimum between quality, productivity, sustaina

In May 2016, the TECHNA FRANCE NUTRITION’s ruminant department organized a study tour of Ireland for its customers who are mostly feed manufacturers.

Excess heat and humidity plays a huge role in the metabolism of the dairy cow, therefore extra care is needed in the summer months in order to limit the impact that heat stress can have dur