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The TECHNA France Nutrition Service Company, a subsidiary of the TECHNA Group, supports the development of animal production and animal feed companies by developing tools, products and serv

With summer in full swing, you have recently noticed that the level of fat in your cows’ milk has drastically dropped. You wonder whether your cows are weaker or sick.

In the summer, and all year long in tropical areas

In May 2016, the TECHNA FRANCE NUTRITION’s ruminant department organized a study tour of Ireland for its customers who are mostly feed manufacturers.

Cooperation and competition are the driving forces of a dynamic R&D activity.

TECHNA FRANCE NUTRITION will be present at the European Holstein Championship in Colmar from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 June 2016.

Techna France Nutrition will be attending the next 2016 Rabbit World Congress in Quindao, China.

Excess heat and humidity plays a huge role in the metabolism of the dairy cow, therefore extra care is needed in the summer months in order to limit the impact that heat stress can have dur

Take extra caution in the summer as rabbits cannot tolerate heat well. Extremely hot weather poses a major risk to the productivity of rabbit farms.

Precision feeding is about to emerge as one of the major evolutions in the pig industry for the coming decade.