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In March, feed experts from the TECHNA Group will attend one of the world’s leading expo for animal husbandry and processing.

In France, the 2016 cereal crop is much lower than the 2011-2015 harvest. Yields have dropped sharply due to bad weather.

The TECHNA Group feed expertise company assists feed millers and animal feed companies in their development by setting up tools, products and services to improve their technical skills and

Within the framework of "Precision Feeding" and "Big Data", exploiting software data can help livestock farmers achieve an ever more accurate optimum between quality, productivity, sustaina

The TECHNA France Nutrition Service Company, a subsidiary of the TECHNA Group, supports the development of animal production and animal feed companies by developing tools, products and serv

Cooperation and competition are the driving forces of a dynamic R&D activity.

Sparsely used, unrecognised, and financially uncompetitive for the moment, microalgae nevertheless has future potential in animal nutrition.