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Feed manufacturing

Expert's Take

To ensure the quality of feed intended for the animals, it is necessary to be in compliance with the feed manufacturing process for cattle. The guarantee of homogeneity and conformity requires the full command of the manufacturing process. This process includes stages such as the dosage and grinding of raw materials, their mixture, up to pelleting and expedition. A deviation in quality from expected values can have significant impacts according to the nature of the non-conformity. Pellets that are too friable may generate waste and therefore a loss of income.

A feed mixture that is too heterogeneous could lead to uneven growth performances in  livestock, and eventual unconformities at the slaughterhouse. The precision of the dosage, including ingredients incorporated in small doses (enzymes, pigments, vitamins), guarantees optimal quality of the feed.

The experts of the TECHNA Group provide support for your industrial activity. With personalised recommendations, they can help you to ensure the quality of your products. Audits and industrial diagnostics, technological assistance regarding manufacturing (process analysis, recommendations of operations) are among the services they offer. In addition to these are homogeneity tests of the mixtures, carryovers (cross-contamination) and the recovery of micro liquids (enzymes. . .).

The articles in this section outline in more detail the manufacturing process of cattle feed and the stages related to the quality assurance of your finished products.