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Feed manufacturing


Fabrication d'aliment pour volailles

Control of the manufacturing process for poultry feed is essential to ensure their quality. The rearing cycle in poultry production is short. Any drift from the manufacturing process can have a significant impacts on the animals performances, and therefore on the live weight cost price. For example, a poorly controlled dosage of enzymes can cause poor digestibility of the feed (eg. xylanases) or bad assimilation of phosphorus (eg.  phytases). Length of pellets, durability, and hardness are all parameters that rmust be monitored on a daily basis.

The experts of the TECHNA Group help you to implement manufacturing standards, to monitor the physical parameters of the feed, and process control plans, regardless of the species (chicken, turkey, duck, laying hens, game…). This section explains in more detail the feed production process for poultry and the stages related to the quality assurance of your finished products.