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Feed manufacturing


Fabrication d'aliment pour ruminant

Control of the manufacturing process for ruminant feed is essential to guarantee a feed adapted to the fixed objectives.
Furthermore, control of the process has an impact on the presentation of the feed.  Poor quality pellets are not without consequences for all types of ruminants (dairy, meat). The presence of dust can lead to a decrease in consumption and an increase in the waste of feed. This is particularly true in the case of dairy cows that receive all or some of their feed through systems such as additional concentrate feeders and AMJ (automatic milking system).


For the more specific case of coarse mixes, the physical aspect is also a criterion to take into account: the appearance of each component, control of the dust content, the overall homogeneity of the mixture, are all parameters to be monitored.The experts of the TECHNA Group support you to implement a quality control plan for feed adapted to your objectives. With proven expertise in the manufacturing process of ruminant feed (dairy cows, beef cattle, goats, lamb, sheep…), they are able to advise you on what actions to implement in the feed mills: setting parameters, technological behaviour of raw materials, incorporation of liquids, regulation of the pelleting machine, etc.
The articles in the section approach matters relating to the production of feed destined for ruminants, from a highly technical point of view.