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Feed Nutrition


Alimentation et nutrition pour volailles The cost of production of live weight in the poultry industry is closely linked to zootechnical performances (growth, FCR, viability. . .).These performances are dependent on the distributed feed, and the chosen feed program. The specifications of poultry feed vary according to the requirements of the animals, physiological stages, levels of production, the balance of red / fillet sought by the slaughterhouse. The in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the animals, both qualitative and quantitative (protein, energy, digestible amino acids, minerals. . .) allows the development of specifications adapted to the context and different objectives.

With its multi-species expertise, the TECHNA Group helps you to better understand the constraints of your market. We are able to define with you the best choices of formulation, specifications and feed programs. In order to do this, our specialists make available their expertise in precision nutrition. This expertise is applied to all poultry species (broiler, turkey, duck, laying hens, guinea fowl, quail…). The choice of the best feeding strategies, and the adaptation of nutritional specifications are key to ensuring the competitiveness of your businesses and sectors.