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Feed Nutrition


Alimentation Nutrition pour ruminants

A balanced diet (energy, proteins, fibres, minerals, vitamins. . .) is the indispensable prerequisite in ruminants to ensure quality performances (growth, fattening, and milk production). Ruminant rations are characterised by the more or less significant presence of forage (silage, hay, pasture) whose qualities vary according to plant species, year, climate, etc. This is why forages should be the object of highly focused analyses, to determine their potential value for maximum optimisation by ruminants.  TECHNA Group’s ruminant specialists accompany you in your strategic choices for feed, whatever the species and type of production: dairy cows, beef cattle, goats, sheep, etc.

Adaptation of nutritional specifications and feed ranges, selection of innovative additives combining efficiency and profitability, feed designed to be perfectly complementary to the resources of the operation . . . are themes we propose to help you increase the profitability of your business. This section addresses issues relative to feed and to the nutrition of ruminant livestock. These are essentiallevers of production that must be considered to increase the profitability of the farm.