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Feed Nutrition


Alimentation et nutrition en élevage porc

In sows as in piglets and fattening pigs, the implementation of a precise feeding strategy is the key to success in reducing production costs and better anticipating the challenges of tomorrow. A detailed knowledge of the animals’ needs requirements at each stage allows the nutritional values of the feed to be adapted according to targeted objectives regarding weaning weight, prolificacy, backfat thickness, etc. The pig specialists of the TECHNA Group propose specifications based on specific nutrition criteria.

The objective is to help you precisely monitor the nutrition at each stage of production: net energy, digestible amino acids, buffering capacity, nature of the fibres, levels of indigestible proteins, etc.Our experts are able to assist you in the complex process of manufacturing piglet feed. For feed manufactured on the farm (FAF), they propose dedicated tools which allow the farmer to get maximum potential from his cereal and other raw materials available on his farm. The following articles bring some answers concerning the application of precision nutrition for piglets, sows and fattening pigs.