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Litter comfort


product Avidry turkey and chicken comfort solution litter


The AVIDRY® nutritional program is designed for the management of litter. It helps to preserve the integrity of the digestive tract, modulates its inflammatory reactions, and controls the management of the caecal flora in order to keep dry litter and limit pododermatitis. This approach is differentiated for turkey and broiler.

Tested and approved effectiveness

  • Bedding improvement

AVIDRY® helps keep drier litter.

Litter dry graphics product Avidry litter improvement

  • Improving the condition of the legs

AVIDRY® improves the condition of the legs with a reduction in pododermatitis.

Average graph of pododermatitis scores in chicken from 0 to 4 on 36 animals Avidry product
  • Positive effects on performances

AVIDRY® helps improve nutritional efficiency

Avidry turkey and chicken product comparison table by weight IC and GMQ


Based on research carried out by TECHNA, the product of the AVIDRY® is formulated from complementary and synergistic plants and aromatic substances.

Direction For Use

Used from starter to grower phases for broilers and until fattening for turkeys. AVIDRY® can also be used on all other meat and lay poultry when the quality management of droppings and litter are problematic. It’s incorporates between 1 and 2 kg per ton of feed.


Powder. Packaging in bags or big-bags

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