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A technical and economic positioning tool, for poultry producers and feed millers.


Aviperf is a decision support software, monitoring and analysing the technical and economic performance of poultry for meat (chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, duck, label chicken).

Thanks to AVIPERF®, it is possible to:

  • Follow monthly performance inter-organisation
  • Compare the differences in costs of formulation in connection with the nutritional standards in place for the different types of poultry: turkey, white chicken and yellow chicken, guinea fowl, Muscovy duck, label chicken, etc.
  • Link nutrition with technical and economic performance (live weight cost price)
  • Provide support in strategic choices

        Aviperf poultrey birds average age average weightAviperf birds poulry average weight average age

Aviperf poultry birds average ADGAviperf poultry birds FCR average age

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