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Promote growth and technical and economic performance of fattening beef cattle and lamb


CARNEO® BOOST is an additive solution resulting from TECHNA’s research. By stimulating rumen flora, CARNEO® BOOST directs fermentation in a way that lactate acid is reduced and propionic acid (C3) is improved. This propionic acid is particularly favorable to the muscle development of fattening cattle and lambs.

Inactivated yeasts limit the production of lactate and stimulate lactate and consumption and production of acetate and propionate.




Grahpic product Carne Boost : improves growth for all types of animal and with all types of dietsIn the fattening of beef cattle, CARNEO® BOOST’s efficiency has been proven in many trials run on different types of breeds (Charolais, Belgian Blue, Limousine ...) and using different diets (silage, by-products, ad lib concentrate diet…).

CARNEO® BOOST allows improvement of the ADG from +5 to +10 %, as well as improvement of the Feed Conversion Ratio.

In fattening lambs, our latest trials showed that CARNEO® BOOST improved growth performances.

The ADG increased from 28 to 33 g depending on the diet (E1: “regular” feed supplemented with CARNEO® BOOST or E2: re-optimized feed taking into account the CARNEO® BOOST’s matrix values) compared to the control group through the batching phase.

A rumen that works better also means that:

  • pH is maintained (acidogenic diets);
  • fibers of the diet are well utilized;
  • overall digestibility is improved;
  • optimization of rumen fermentations are directed towards the production of volatile fatty acids (VFA): these VFAs are oriented towards the production of meat.

CARNEO® BOOST is a technical solution based on essential oils and inactivated yeasts, selected for their synergy and complementarity.

Direction For Use

CARNEO® BOOST is used on all types of animals in fattening phase (lambs, young beef cattle, fattening cows) and all types of diets. It is incorporated in the feed, in the form of premix, at a rate of 1.5 to 5 kg per tonne of feed depending on product concentration.

It can also be used in top-feeding:
• In beef cattle, the quantity and frequency of distribution is 50 grammes a day (CARNEO® 50) per 500 kg live weight
• In lambs, the quantity and frequency of distribution is 1.5 to 2 grammes a day (CARNEO® 50) per 10 kg of live weight.


Powder. Packaging in bags or big-bags.

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