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Promote growth, and improve the technical and economic performance of fattening beef cattle.


CARNEO® BOOST is an additive solution developed from TECHNA’s research.

CARNEO BOOST Objectives:

  • Secure rumen function
  • Optimise VFA production for growth
  • Improve energy and diet efficiency

By stimulating rumen flora, CARNEO® BOOST directs fermentation  in a way that lactate acid is reduced and propionic acid (C3) is improved, in a proportion between +15 à +21%.


 This propionic acid is particularly favorable to the muscle development of fattening cattle. Its effectiveness has been proven in numerous field trials on different types of breeds (Charolais, Belgian Blue, Limousin, Cross breeds…) and diets  (silage, by-products, ad lib concentrate diet…).
CARNEO® BOOST allows improvement of the ADG from +5 to +10 %, as well as improvement of the Feed Conversion Ratio.

Thanks to its effect to secure rumen function and pH, CARNEO BOOST is the ideal solution to secure the challenging periods in beef fattening animals (energy dense diet, transition period, acidosis…) and safeguarding performances.

New trials results confirm the interest to use CARNEO BOOST also for growing and finishing lambs.


CARNEO® BOOST is a technical solution based on inactivated yeasts and essential oils chosen for their synergy and their complementarity.

Direction For Use

CARNEO® BOOST is incorporated into the feed, in the form of premix, in an amount of 1 to 5kg per tonne of feed depending on the concentration of the product. It can also be used for top feeding. CARNEO® BOOST can be used for all types of animal (young cattle, steer, cull cows, lamb…) and with all types of diet.


Powder or pellets. Packaging in bags or big-bags.

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