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Formulation tool for technical and economical optimisation of feed programs for pigs.


Cartalim pigCARTALIM® PORC takes into account the raw materials of the farmer and those present in the feed mill. CARTALIM® PORC defines, with full transparency, the best technical and economic solution for the farmer, in accordance with the targeted objectives.

CARTALIM® PORC, an innovative approach whose simplicity, reliability and speed will not stop surprising you!

The farmer takes an active part in the design of his feed (choice of raw materials, nutritional levels) and can do post-assessments of the technical and economic impacts of his choices. CARTALIM® PORC takes into account the quality and availability of the raw materials on the farm. The software also integrates breeding objectives. It calculates the ideal complementary feed, in its optimal form, with the least waste possible.

Farmers seeking to improve their technical results will find CARTALIM® PORC an asset, allowing nutritional analysis of the formula in place, identifying areas for improvement and correction of the nutritional criteria limits, depending on the sought objectives.For farmers wanting to save time, CARTALIM® PORC is a major tool as it offers the design of complementary feeds adapted to any situation.

Their form is adaptable to the method, to the individual complementation, and to stock changes of raw materials available on the farm.

The formula established by CARTALIM® PORC is cheaper than a standard complementary. The reason lies in the improvement of economic efficiency of the feed, and the possibility to directly integrate the minerals into the complementary feed. The farmer’s margins are therefore also improved.

The software is easy to use as all the parameters are pre-set, from the nutritional specifications in the characteristics and the price of raw materials.

Re-entering is unnecessary: the specifications and prices of raw materials are automatically filled in from the formulation software of the feed mill. The feed technician can formulate in complete security thanks to the pre-registration of the specifications, milling constraints and commercial constraints. The software proposes in a few steps, a complementary formula which takes into account the objectives of the farm, with a delivered price for the farmer. The formulas to be made as well as the labels are automatically established for their transfer to the feed mill.

This rationing software is available only as rental and is reserved for use by manufacturers of animal feed. The license is yearly renewed and available in several languages.

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