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Innovante solution to face heat stress


FEEDIA proposes DAIRY COOL, the additive solution to face heat stress in dairy herds.
Heat stress has a large influence on dairy cows activity:

  • Increased respiratory rate, maintenance energy and rectal temperature cow drinking water
  • Reduced feed intake, rumination and lower immunity
  • Increased risks of mastitis, acidosis, mortality and reduced conception rate Reduced milk production and increased somatic cells count

DAIRY COOL is a blend of various active ingredients:

  • To reduce inflammatory and oxidant status
  • To improve water and dry matter intake
  • To maintain cow well being

DAIRY COOL is efficient and allows you a good return on invest.

Dairy cool improves milk production dairy cowsDairy cool improves milk production very important heat stress

Direction For Use
  • 10 g / animal / day

Powder. Packaging in bag or big-bags

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