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A livestock data management tool for performance analysis of dairy herds.  With EASY MAP®, your cows will tell you everything.


With increases in herd sizes, the analysis of zootechnic farming data can be complex and fastidious. The results are often under exploited, and can be lacking in clarity. Yet these analyses are essential to identify and manage areas of improvement for the herd.

The EASY MAP® tool measures the effectiveness of feed programs applied in dairy farms. The technician working for a feed manufacturer can then study the corrective actions to put in place with the farmer. EASY MAP® retrieves data from milk recordings, and other sources.

It processes these data in order to provides a detailed summary of the herds’ performances. EASY MAP® offers state of the art zootechnic interpretation, established by using an automated system, which is secure and easy to set up.

After each milk recording, the feed technician automatically receives a mail including a summary sheet and four factsheets: energy cover, protein efficiency, milk production and acidosis safety. With just one click, he/she  can detect risky situations. The technician is therefore able to control, possible deviations of performance jointly with the farmer, including at a distance.   

EASY MAP® is delivered only after the authorisation of the farmer, the owner of the data from his livestock. This application is available only as rental and is reserved for use by feed millers.

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