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Estimate precisely the quality of your forages.


The advantage of realising a complete and accurate analysis of forage – corn silage, grass silage, hay, wrapping – fresh or conserved, is widely recognised. The results of the analysis allow us to correctly understand the feed and sanitary qualities of the raw material. In fact, forage is the basic element of the ruminant diet. Depending on the circumstances, forages can represent up to 80% of the daily ration of ruminant: dairy cows, heifers, beef cattle, bulls, cull cows, sheep, goats. . .
The analysis report takes into account several criteria:

  • forage ingestiblity potential
  • energy values and associated criteria ;
  • the different fractions of starch and sugar contents ;
  • protein summary
  • summary of cell walls, on the digestibility of the fibrous part, and acidogenic risk assessment
  • a summary of minerals

These values are then compared with the reference values (averages, table values).

With nearly 6000 forage samples per year (20 different types of dosage); the expertise of the Techna laboratory has proven expertise in is referred to in this domain. The laboratory also has more than 10 years of experience in NIR analysis technology.

The Forage Analysis service is available to all our customers and millers of ruminant feed. This service is an integral part of our service contracts.

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