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Technical and economic optimisation of animal feed. Formulation, specifications, matrix management and development support.


animal feed formulation supportThe advantage of formulation in animal feed is that it takes in to account the constant changes of composition due to varied and evolutionary constraints. Each component is adjusted based on the technical context and the animal’s requirements. Formulation also takes in to account changes in the cost of raw materials.

The raw material expertise allows us to qualify each nutrient likely to go into the composition of the feed. It integrates the biochemical variability of each ingredient as well as its nutritional value.This defines, in percentages, their minimum and maximum level of use in each feed. Dynamic management of this matrix combines the digestibility and zootechnic trials carried out at our research centre Euronutrition. It also integrates automated matrix calculations (via the tool Black Box®), the expertise of the formulation systems of the market, the search for new sources of alternative raw materials (origins, industrial treatment processes), audits, and research partnerships with suppliers.

The determination of animals’ nutritional requirements  takes into account several criteria such as species, genetics, physiological stage, expected performance. These requirements must then be adjusted to the performances achieved. The specifications of each feed distributed can then be set up: energy, proteins, amino acids, mineral elements. . .  

The economic optimisation combines these constraints, and allows customised formulas at the best possible cost. The optimisation of formulas also includes purchasing constraints, the availability, and storage of raw materials available in feed mills.

Studies (of market trends, economic projections) allow the measure of their impact on production costs (meat, milk, eggs).

The TECHNA matrix includes  more than 25 000 qualified raw materials, with close to 300 nutrients for each material, for all animal species.  It also contains elements specific to each species: needs, inclusion levels.

This offer is completed by a range of other services:

1.    Monitoring current developments in the raw materials market
2.    Support for implementation of quality control plans
3.    Chemical analysis of raw materials and manufactured feed.
4.    Process controls in feed processing plants (mixing, grinding, incorporating additives in liquid or powder, inter-batch transfers)
5.    Advice on feed labelling

Formulation support is available for all our customers who manufacture animal feed, for all livestock species. The formulation is either centralised (feed recipes developed by us), or decentralised (the specifications for the feed formulation are transferred by the feed miller himself).

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