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Improvement of piglet robustness


FEEDIA proposes IMUN'UP®, a combination of plants extracts and aromatic compounds contributing to the improvement of growth performances and supportin the immune system of the piglet.

IMUN'UP® combines complementary modes of action:

  • When fed to sows: it improves the passive immunity of the litter thanks to a higher immune quality of the  colostrum.
  • When fed to piglets: associated to an optimal feeding strategy, it improves the acquisition of the active immunity to fight infectious challenges.

Imun up result lactating sows igG

Product imun up more igG colostrum passive active immunity
Imun up immune security passive active

Imun up improve sows weight and piglet robustnessImun up performance amelioration GMQ post sevrage

Direction For Use
  • Weaned piglets: 2kg/t of complete feed
  • Gilts: 2kg/t of complete feed
  • Sows: 1kg/t of complete feed
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