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Helps to improve potential, performance and resistance of the rabbits.


Kaoline® is a feed concept that favours a global approach to improve the potential of rabbits and reduces health costs.

What are the benefits of Kaoline®?

  • Productivity gains: up to + 5 points of birth rate, up to + 0.8 born alive, and from + 0.58 to + 1.41 kg produced per AI.
  • Reduction of health costs: an average cost reduction of 50% per kilo of rabbit produced.
  • An increase of the net margin up to 25%.

Kaoline® is an investment with guaranteed profitability; it allows for increased productivity and reduced health costs.  




Premixes based on the Kaoline® approach combine:

  • Vitamins chosen to regulate metabolic functions,
  • Chelated trace elements selected for their availability,
  • A formulation that includes plants specifically selected and contributing to strengthen does’ resistance and to optimize their potential.
Direction For Use

Premixes based on the Kaoline® approach are incorporated from 5 to 10 kg per tonne of maternity feed.


Premixes based on the Kaoline® approach are in powder form.
Packaged either in bags or big-bags.


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