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A wide range of premixes and concentrates in all kind of species for feed millers and self-mixing farmers.


premix and concentrates for feedThe right way to bring all the micro-nutriments required for livestock production in the best conditions of welfare. Micro-nutriments are essentials to optimize the growth and the reproduction of livestock. Premixes and concentrates are designed to provide a balanced contribution to the animal’s needs. They are adapted to each state of age and development of animals.
We have a wide range of premixes and concentrates dedicated to livestock production : for broilers, layers hens, breeders, turkeys, saws, piglets, pigs, dairy caws, beef cattle, shrimp, fishes, etc…


Those premixes and concentrates contain EU registered feed additives but also vitamins, trace-elements, amino-acids, pigments, flavours, macro-minerals and other vegetal and mineral carriers.

Direction For Use

Premixes and concentrates should be introduced in compound feed according the way to use written on the label (from 0.05 % to 5.0 %).


Fine powder to allow a good homogeneity in compound feed. In bags between 15 and 30 kg and mainly in 25 kg bags.

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