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Specifically acts on the bone mineralisation of broilers, layers and breeders, and on the strength of the eggshells.


Protical egg shell

PROTICAL® is a highly absorbable source of calcium.  It also contains precursors of the components of the skeleton.

By strengthening the bone structure, this product increases the calcium storage capacity in the poultry. In a laying hen, PROTICAL® limits the mobilisation of calcium of the bone marrow: the strength of the shell is clearly increased.

It results in a 30% reduction of the number of broken or downgraded eggs, and a decline in the number of cracked eggs (reducing sanitary risks i.e., feed toxicity). The pigmentation of brown eggs becomes also more uniform. The bone structure of the animal is better preserved. The laying period is extended.


Impact of dietary minerals and trace elements on eggshell quality

 In addition to calcium, dietary minerals and trace elements also play a major role regarding eggshell quality. Most studies demonstrate the impact of phosphorus, vitamin D3, manganese, copper, zinc, chromium, etc on eggshell quality. Feed additives can also contribute to the same purpose. A study focusing on Protical 4+ (Techna France Nutrition) demonstrated the positive effect of this product on eggshell quality. Experiments were conducted on two groups each comprised of 240 white commercial layers. Two different treatments were applied:

  • Group A: this control group was fed a layer feed containing 3.6% of calcium of which 80% were in coarse carbonate form.
  • Group B was fed the same nutritional level as group A except that 0.2% of Protical 4+ was added. The supplementation phase began as animals reached 61-70 weeks old for the two groups.

In this study, group B (Protical 4+ at 0.2%) ended up having a better shell quality than group A (Control feed). Higher shell quantity and increase in shell thickness was observed in group B. Shell index was also higher for group B than group A. In addition eggshell solidity (Static stiffness and Fracture Force) was improved by using Protical 4+ supplementation in feed. Moreover, group B achieved higher values regarding bone strength criteria (rigidity, maximum force and fracture force).

dietary minerals trace elements eggshell solidity


Protical® is a combination of original sources of highly assimilable calcium, and precursors of the osseous matrix.

Direction For Use

For use at the starter period for meat poultry, at the starter and pre-laying period for commercial and future breeding pullets, throughout the laying period for commercial and breeding layers.
In a pre-mix form, it incorporates between 1 and 2,5 kg per tonne of feed according to the period.


Available in powder, liquid, or soluble powder form.  Packaging in bags, big-bags or containers.

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