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Advice on quality, regulatory issues, implementing regulations and anticipating new developments.


Quality Assistance and Regulatory Assistance:  are, among others, the two main areas of expertise governing feed safety and animal regulation in the animal feed sector:

This service has three objectives :

  • To advise on regulatory issues and quality
  • To give support in the implementation of these regulations
  • To help to better anticipate changes

Our regulatory assistance and quality support comes in two major areas of expertise:

Supporting your business :

  • Implementation of regulatory monitoring in France and in Europe: made possible by permanent exchanges with inter-branch organisations, in particular AFCA-CIAL, SNIA and OQUALIM;.
  • Responding to your specific regulatory problems:  knowledge bases, synthesis of labelling regulations, undesirable substances, and hazardous material.
  • Guidance in the application of regulations :
  • audit-diagnoses, advice, regular summary points concerning regulatory changes

Assisting you with all your procedures:

  • Diagnosis : audit, implementation of corrective and preventative actions, reviews and follow-up actions
  • Compliance with sectoral regulations: authorisation procedures;
  • Quality assurance procedures : setting standards for industrial sites, establishing specific protocols for the control of industrial and feed processes,  quality control plans

Our expertise in regulatory affairs and quality is represented by a team of specialists. These professionals have proven expertise of product regulation, and quality constraints of our environment. They will ensure the personalised follow-up of your demands, in compliance with confidentiality requirements. This service is an integral part of our service contracts.

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