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Technical and economical optimisation of feed programs intended for rabbits at different stages of their lives: maternity, weaning, fattening.


Monitoring of the farm’s technical results diagnostics, identification of  areas for improvement. XXL gives the possibility to follow and compare the technical results of rabbit flocks (from the technical and economic management) according to the fixed objectives. Through farms' audits, XXL allows performance monitoring and the analysis of farming practices, as well as the economic analysis of performances based on a result or given reference table.  

This tool measures the economic impact of the proposed technical changes. It defines the breakeven points of the feed investments, drinking water, feed supplements or equipment. Its function of feed management results in the analysis of the nutritional program in place and evaluates proposals for improvement.
The Rabbit  Software XXL applies to all the present genetics on the market.  

This software consists of three modules :

  • Farms' audit of breeding and technical monitoring of results (X’perf)
  • Analysis of zootechnical progress and the breakeven points of investments (X’gain)
  • Analysis of technical and economic efficiency of rabbit feed programs for rabbits (X’gramme)

XXL, the techno-economic software for rabbits is available only as rental and is reserved for feed millers’ use. The annual license is activated at the signature of the software agreement contract.

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