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Enhances digestive security of piglet feed at weaning and improve piglet growth performance.


Weaning is a tricky period. It can often be a source of stress. Digestive disorders may occur at this time. The accumulation of those disorders causes inflammations and diarrhoea which have damaging consequence on a piglet's growth performance.

Safe and successful weaning

To ensure successful piglet weaning, TECHNA has designed REGANOL®, a judicious association of essential oils and vegetable extracts from aromatic plants and citrus. Essential oils are very volatile. However in REGANOL®, these are highly concentrated and encapsulated in a lipid matrix.

This coating guarantees four main points: no loss during storage, no reaction with the other feed ingredients, no loss during the granulation process, a controlled and progressive release of the active components along the digestive tract.

weaning disorders pattern piglet
Figure 1: Weaning disorders: a vicious circle
reganol ingredients encapsulated lipid matrix weaning piglet
Figure 2: In REGANOL®, essential oils are highly concentrated and
encapsulated in a lipid matrix

The piglet can then reap the benefits of these assets: stimulation of feed intake, maintenance of digestive security thanks to the anti-oxidative and immunostimulant properties of these ingredients, positive action on the microbiota, action on the integrity of the gut epithelium.


Feed Conversion Ratio with reganol productWithin our trials, we compared piglet groups with animals fed with REGANOL® against animals fed without REGANOL® during the post weaning period. With REGANOL®, piglets ate faster at weaning and had a better growth rate.

The difference in mean weight gradually widened between the two groups as time went by: 500g at 12 kg, 1 kg at 30 kg, this thanks to a higher level of consumption (+6% of feed intake), an improvement in Average Daily Gain (+5%), and a better Feed Conversion Ratio (-3%), with a good sanitary control.

At the end of fattening, this resulted in 3 extra kg of live weight or in a shorter fattening period — three days less — for the same slaughter weight.

Improvement of homogeneity among piglets fed with REGANOL® was also observed, both in post weaning and at the end of fattening period.


REGANOL® is a judicious association of aromatic phenolic compounds and plant extracts chosen for their attractive, antioxidant, immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Direction For Use

Available in powder form, Reganol is incorporated into complete feed between 1 and 4 kg/ton.


Powder. Packaging in bag or big-bags.

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