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The key to decrease antibiotics and zinc oxide


Reganol enhances digestive security of piglets at weaning and improves piglet growth performance

Weaning is a delicate period. It can be a source of stress and digestive disorders may often occur. The accumulation of those disorders causes inflammations and diarrhoea which have damaging consequence on piglet's growth performance.


REGANOL® enhance piglet digestive security under conditions of antibiotic & zinc oxide reduction and increase growth performance.

The alternative to antibiotics 
Feedia designed REGANOL®, a highly concentrated alternative combining natural active ingredients.

An effective coating technology
A coating and a specific matrix for a progressive release of the active ingredients all along the digestive tract.

reganol decrease antibiotics and zinc oxide evolutionmicrobiota diversity weaning pigletsAverage daly feedintake evolution according product reganol incorporation level


REGANOL® is a judicious association of aromatic phenolic compounds and plant extracts chosen for their attractive, antioxidant, immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Direction For Use

Between 1 and 4 kg/ton piglet feed according the sanitary status, nutrition and zootechnics.


Powder. Packaging in bag or big-bags.

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