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RUMISAFE is a blend of natural active ingredients.


In Dairy cows, we tend to use dense diet to optimize performances and reach energy demand speciallyfor beginning of lactation.

Those high energy level put high pressure on the rumen and could jeopardise rumen fermentation balance. Rumen fermentation switches towards more lactic acid which can lead to sub acute acidosis. Energy and feed efficiency are then impacted.

  • RUMISAFE is designed to balance the rumen and orientate the fermentation towards more secure VFA profile.
  • The unique action of RUMISAFE leads to increased rumen buffering capacity and improved rumen stability.
  • Feeding RUMISAFE in acidotic diets could help increasemilk yield while maintaining milk components.

Rumisafe milk yield by parity ruminant dairy cows

Ruumisafe milk yield by diet ruminant dairy cows

Source : TECHNA, farms trials synthesis

Direction For Use

0.1 % to 0.5 % in complementary feed.


Powder. Packaging in bags or big-bags

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