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Improves the fertility of sows as well as the homogeneity and the weight of piglets at birth


Silena toolkit for sows and piglets body management softwareThe SILENA® program is made up of software to manage body condition of sows (SILENA® Drive) which supports the farmer in the management of his breeding as well as 4 solutions that can be used at different stages of the sow.

Image 4 product solutions Silena Silena Ferti Silena Drive Silena Flor Silena Lac

SILENA® Drive: 

  • “Steer-Drive” groups of sows and manage growth and body condition evolution kinetics
  • Responding estimated nutritional requirements while optimising the capacities of each herd at lower cost (€/sow/career)
  • Taking into account sources of variability : genetic, within-herd, between-farm

Body condition report tools Silena


Sow action : 

  • Support for physiological function during farrowing period by balance of intestinal flora, by stimulation of consumption during the suckling period and by acidification of urine

Piglet action  

  • Preparation for weaning without medication for robust and heavier piglets 


Sow action during the suckling period:

  • Increases milk production & reduces body condition losses

Piglet action : 

  • Aids no-medicated weaning

SILENA® Fertigest: 

Sow action: 

  • Reduces oxidative stress at the time of ovulation and reinforces the fertility of sows

Piglet action: 

  • Improves the uniformity of birth weights and limits the number of immature piglets thanks to good follicule maturation


Sow action: 

  • Preparation for breeding life
  • Limits the risk of lameness and locomotor disorders

Gilts action: 

  • Reinforcement of bone density
  • Limits the risk of lameness and locomotor disorders

Evaluation of podal lesions in pigs

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