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Sow fertility and piglet homogeneity at birth


SILENA® FERTIGEST is a judicious association of primery and secondary antioxidants to regulate ovulation, embryo implantation and fetal growth.

Primary and secondary antioxidants prevent and limit the oxidative stress of sows. The arginine stimulate the ovarian response.

The use of SILENA® FERTIGEST advised on two periods with a synergic effect. 2 using periods with synergetic effects:

During 10 days from weaning to reduce oxidative stress during ovulation

  • Improve fertility and increase piglets born alive per litter; this thanks to a better oocyte developmental competence and bigger embryos implanted
  • Get more homogeneous weight at birth and limit the immature piglets; this thanks to a better follicular maturation.

During the last month of gestation to improve the litter quality

  • Maximise the birth weight
  • Reduce the number of light piglets

SILENA FERTIGEST improve productivity with more piglets born alive per litterSILENA FERTIGEST improve birth weigh of piglets with less light piglets

Direction For Use
  • 100 g feed/sow/day during 10 days form weaning
  • 100 g feed/sow/day/during the lasst month of gestation

Powder. Packaging in bag or big-bags

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