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Health control of pre-farrowing


SILENA® FLOR is a judicious association of organic acids and plant extracts, selected to contribute to support physiological functions of sow and piglets.

SILENA® FLOR combine complementary ways of actions to support health fund and maximise its transfer to piglets. Actually healthy piglets at weaning starts with healthy sow.

With its specific compounds, SILENA® FLOR contributes to :

Acidify urine and also protect the urogenital sphere from bacterial contamination.

Facilitate the farrowing

  • Calcium mobilization in whole blood,
  • Digestive transit improvement guaranty comfort and smooth progress of farrowing.

Stimulate the milk production by aromatic compounds and plant extracts that stimulate feed intake.

Maintain the microflora balance of sow

  • Prevent piglets from pathogen bacterial contamination,
  • Limit piglet mortality.

Silena flor drop of urinary pH effect benzoic acid piglets sowSilena flor reduce number stillborn farrowing swine sow


Direction For Use
  • 30 g /sow/day during 10 days around farrowing (7 before and 3 after)
  • 1% in complete lactating feed, to be distributed 1 week befoore farrowing

Powder. Packaging in bag or big-bags

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