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Controlling pigmentation in poultry

Litter comfort

A wide range of premixes and concentrates in all kind of species for feed millers and self-mixing farmers.

Vitalprotect® is a cost-saving and efficient range of solutions for depletion of mycotoxin effects.

Specifically acts on the bone mineralisation of broilers, layers and breeders, and on the strength of the eggshells.

Optimise the technical and economic performance of broilers.


… 100% Made in TECHNA

The TECHNA Group does not simply mix ingredients. Everything begins with extensive research and the selection of active and original raw materials. The best active ingredients are then subjected to an extensive series of tests.

effective and consistent

It is the choice of the best molecular combinations that guarantees the quality of our products, until validation of their experimentations and field trials. So when one of our products is launched on the market, both in France and internationally, the TECHNA Group has all the proofs in hand to back it up.

… reasoned and eco-responsible

Within the framework of healthy and sustainable farming recommended by the experts of the TECHNA Group, our solutions help to reduce the use of growth promoters, anticoccidials, formalin, etc.

Original tools to drive your performance

Each software is personalised according to customers’ needs. These software integrate all the data, from the end-toend data. The advantage? Helping you to produce better, at the best possible cost.

Personalised support and guidance in the field

Whether you want to optimise your industrial process, improve the growth potential of animals, put in place quality management systems or to provide you with marketing support, you can count on the experts of the TECHNA Group.