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Our Fields of Expertise


The TECHNA Group, through its feed expertise unit, supports the development of feed production companies and millers alike. The solutions that we offer overall improve the competitiveness of our customers, all the while being animal, human, and planet friendly.

In doing this the TECHNA Group is committed to provide the following:

  • Up-to-date expertise in nutrition and zootechnics
  • Original technical software
  • Reliable and competitive premix
  • Innovative additive solutions

The TECHNA Group designs tools, products, and services in order to improve techniques and the profitability of our customers. With advanced expertise in nutrition, powerful technical software, reliable additives, and also the range of our tools, products and services, everything we offer is varied, relevant and valuable. Our sustained dynamic of innovation allows us to combine intensive production with profitability, quality and safety.

It is our goal to help our clients to consolidate their position as a feed specialist and to optimize the quality and cost of the feed produced in a sustainable way.

Our skills centre on three areas of expertise:



Our nutritional know-how is rooted in our detailed and thorough knowledge of the animal's needs. We implement our technological assistance throughout feed manufacturing, quality control plans, and in the overall optimisation of feed recipes to improve nutrition and contribute to your business. Our quality and regulatory assistance, sales and marketing support, and our training sessions complete our range of services to enhance your development and distinctiveness.


Livestock technology

Fields of expertise

Animal nutrition requires a thorough understanding of the requirement of the feed. Our solutions are adapted to each rearing context and also to their related constraints. Our assistance also covers husbandry and sanitary fields, support in upgrading husbandry practices, targeted audit, technical and economical management and more. The decision support tools we provide are created using valuable feedback from our customers in order to optimise the tool, to ensure it is always reasoned and formatted to enhance the competitiveness of our customers. Therefore you end up producing more and at the best possible price.


Economics of production

Within the TECHNA Group, through our feed expertise unit, economic logic is applied using our practical knowledge of the various branches within the feed industry. We undertake comparative analysis of production costs currently practiced in the industry (inter and intra organization) to help your company become more competitive. The advice and guidance we provide in terms of production contracts, and strategic choices will eventually allow you to stand out from competitors.


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