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Energy is critical to optimise performances and efficiency in ruminant. In dairy cows for example, a lack of energy at the early stage could impair milk production, milk solids and calving to calving interval. 

ELENSIS is a blend of natural active ingredients carefully selected to optimise the use of energy in the diet. ELENSIS is the result of an extensive program combining fundamental research and field  trials within different context of production. 

The In Vitro test carried out in University show a synergistic effect of the active ingredient to improve rumen total VFA and propionate to acetate ratio.

In ruminant diet, ELENSIS allows to : 

  •  Improve rumen efficiency for more energy and security
  •  Increase digestibility
  •  Improve performances and participate to reduce environmental footprint

 The different trials on farm and research centre confirm the potential of ELENSIS to significantly improve milk production in dairy and growth performances in beef. ELENSIS contributes to increase margin over feed cost. 




Combined with FEEDIA nutrition expertise, ELENSIS can be used in different ways :

It gives flexibility to valorise a broad range of raw materials in ruminant feed and diet.

Direction For Use

0,5 to 2,5 kg/ton of feed


Powder. Bag or big bags