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Manage performance and feeding strategy


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Developed to manage performance, decision-making and profitability, WeFeed delivers improvements in breeding : sows, piglets and fattening pigs



The 3 mains modules of WeFeed Pig

The modules are complementary to optimize data collection and processing, but can also be used independently of each other.

Module 1 : WeFeed Check WeFeed Check

Assessment of the existing situation 

Its avantages :

  • To confirm strong points
  • To detect improvement levers
  • To suggest areas for improvement

Module 2 : WeFeed Nutri Tablette WeFeed Pig

Feeding strategy management during fattening to reach the set targets

Its avantages :

  • To analyse improvement levers for the existing feeding program
  • To determine the best feeding strategy :

            - The most efficient
            - The most economic
            - The most eco-responsible...

Module 3 : WeFeed Carcass Ordinateur WeFeed Pig

To optimize carcass quality defining swine producers income

Its avantages :

  • To manage fatteners departures
  • To take the economic context into account
  • To guarantee optimal carcass quality

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