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Controlling pigmentation in poultry


Pigmentation is a key subject in poultry production, in terms of egg colour as well as meat pigmentation, with increasing consumer demand for coloured products.  

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It is therefore important to control this pigmentation process, from both a qualitative and economic point of view.

The YELOS® concept is designed to meet these challenges with:

  • pigments selected for their stability
  • a separate premix source to prevent contact with trace elements and choline.
  • an opaque and air-vacuum packaging to better protect pigments from light and oxygen

Yelos permet d'atteindre des niveaux de pigmentation supérieurs aux produits classiques

The YELOS® concept is also a flexible pigment formulation that can be customised for each customer, in order to:

  • best respond to each production context.
  • adapt to the volatility of the price of pigments, by combining the two sources of yellow, natural and synthetic, depending on the economic context.

Yelos is a source of several natural and synthetic pigments.

Direction For Use

The pigments are optimised during formulation, via the  pigmentation prediction system developed by Feedia.
The dose of Yelos® will depend on the desired level of pigmentation.


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