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Zootechnics Productivity

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Zootechnie et productivité en alimentation animale

Productivity gains have been substantial in the field of farming for the last thirty years. Whatever the species, the level of profitability of a farm depends not only on the feed strategies put in place, but also the livestock management choices and the production methods applied according to fixed objectives. The global increase in the consumption of meat and milk incites the development of farms, both in size and number. In parallel, stakeholders in the animal sector are constantly faced with new environmental and social requirements. Numerous levers of competitiveness exist to combine both productivity and environmental performance.

With their strong involvement in all livestock sectors, the experts of the TECHNA Group are actively invested in the detailed examination of animal microbiota, precision nutrition, improving livestock productivity, whilst respecting man, animals and the planet. The articles in this section set out key issues to be considered to improve livestock productivity by committing to an eco-reasoned approach.