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Zootechnics Productivity


Zootechnie et productivité en alimentation lapin

The rabbit industry has always been able to adapt and overcome various challenges it has faced (artificial insemination, management in batches, all-in/all-out system management, genetic improvement, etc.). Regarding the instability in the cost of agricultural inputs, the sector must constantly work on its production costs to assure its sustainability. This means that the various technical parameters specific to rabbit farming must be fully mastered and that society’s expectations must be taken into account. New production methods and systems must also be identified to improve profitability.


The rabbit specialists of the TECHNA Group are well recognised in the field of rabbit production. Research for new models of farming, procedures of reasoned medication, the exploration of precursor fields such as the optimisation of production rates, prolificacy, performance and slaughter age are part of their areas of expertise.