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Post-weaning robustness of piglets

The concept of the link between sow and piglet developed by TECHNA FRANCE NUTRITION over the past several years covers a range of complementary themes. It is based on the in-depth observation and study of a number of transfers that occur between the mother and her piglets. These include the passive immunity passed on by sows via colostrum, digestive safety, the positive influence on microbiota and the improved immune status of piglets (active immunity). Meet our experts at the SPACE 2018 for more information.

Piglet robustness in perspective at SPACE 2018

In recent studies, the service company has paid particular attention to the robustness of piglets throughout the post-weaning period. It is crucial to optimise the management of challenging periods during the piglet’s growth. To this end, TECHNA focuses primarily on improving the robustness of piglets from birth, by investing in maternal nutrition via solutions such as REGASTIM.

The specially selected active ingredients in REGASTIM (plant extracts and aromatic compounds) are reputed to optimise the sow’s immune status and improve colostrum quality (passive immunity), and to improve the piglet’s immune status after weaning (active immunity).

How to keep good piglet performance despite reduced copper incorporation

A good intake of colostrum of superior immune quality boosts piglets’ ability to fight off infections due to external pathogens. Trials conducted by TECHNA at the Saint Symphorien experimental station have demonstrated the impact of REGASTIM in terms of making piglets more robust. This is reflected in increased feed intake without affecting the feed conversion ratio and a marked improvement in growth performance: +1.5 kg live weight at the end of the post-weaning period.

These global strategies incorporating nutritional levels, feeding programmes and additive solutions are very useful in piglet preparation and robustness, both in the context of reduced medicinal product use and ongoing compliance with regulatory changes. The upcoming directive concerning a reduction in copper incorporation rates in the post-weaning period, for example, will require alternative solutions to be found to maintain piglet performance.

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