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Research, Innovation, Development

Research, innovation and development (RID) are at the heart of our ambitions. This scientific dynamism is based on four key essentials: 


With more than 200 trials per year and 35 employees dedicated to this research, Euronutrition is one of the largest private centres specialising in animal nutrition in Europe. This shared Research Centre facility, unique in its kind, houses representative research devices for farming conditions. It is possible to make measures of digestibility, palatability and zootechnics. This research centre is dedicated to poultry products (chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, game), laying hens, fattened ducks, sows, piglets, fattening pigs, rabbits, young rabbits, rabbits for fattening. These fields of study relate to various areas: nutrition, feed cost optimisation, new additives and raw materials, digestive safety, well-being, palatability, digestibility. 

Euronutrition research centre

Our research partnerships

TECHNA Group’s feed expertise unit has established numerous collaborations with external partners :

  • Schools and Universities
  • Public and Private research institutes
  • Industries : in chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, veterinary
  • Companies and farmers : field tests, pilot farms


A RID division for the development of new concepts

The RID division is continually developing innovations and exploring new areas. This work, which is based on the analysis of the expectations and constraints on the field, has two objectives: to develop new products and software further, and to lead reflection on future themes. Our research is supported by all our experts throughout the process of research and development.


An orientated scientific watch 

The feed expertise unit of TECHNA Group realises scientific, technological, economic and competitive monitoring to anticipate changes and identify opportunities for innovation and development of the sector.

  • An internal documentation centre
  • A database of scientific and technical publications in animal nutrition
  • Press reviews
  • Bibliographical studies
  • Thematic syntheses

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