Eurotier 2018: Techna Group experts highlight their solutions to achieve success without medication

TECHNA feed experts will present their approach and products to succeed without medication at Eurotier, Germany, from 13-16 November, 2018. They will advocate the idea that rational management of gut health and breeding conditions can allow for less reliance on antibiotics on farms. Overall, this can be achieved by working on the nutritional strategy in order to optimize digestion, gut microbiota balance and immunity.

EuroTier 2018, the world’s largest exhibition for livestock producers

TECHNA Group are proud to announce their presence at the 2018 EuroTier edition. This year, EuroTier will be taking place from 13th to 16th November at Hanover’s Exhibition center, Germany. With more than 163,000 visitors and 2,600 exhibitors at the 2016 edition, EuroTier is widely acknowledged as the world’s largest exhibition for livestock producers. The leading theme will be “Digital Animal farming – Management Support Animal Health. Food Safety” and will highlight technologies in order to combine successfully productivity and animal welfare.

Antibiotic reduction will also be an important side-theme of this year’s edition as several technical conferences will be dedicated to performance enhancement without antibiotics. As part of EuroTier 2018, TECHNA feed experts will defend the view that rational management of gut health and breeding conditions can lead to reduce antibiotic use.

4 ways to replace antibiotics in livestock

In order to account for the specific needs of animals with less antibiotics, TECHNA puts forward four main high-leverage actions, as follows:

  • Back to the basics in fulfilling each animal requirements. The first lever is to maximize feed intake by allowing the animal to ingest the right quantity of feed according to its requirements, in order to prevent any shortage. This can be achieved through feeding strategy, matrix management, the use of palatable raw materials, suited feed presentation and by resorting to feed additives such as Reganol®, a judicious blend of essential oils and vegetable extracts from aromatic plants and citrus.
  • Optimizing digestive mechanisms by stimulating intestinal villi and enzyme secretions. Feed digestibility must be optimal and one must ensure good valorization of all the nutrients. In practice, this means for example submitting raw materials to heat treatments, adjusting the level of fibers as well as protein & amino acids, paying utmost attention to feed processing and presentation.
  • Contributing to gut microbiota balance. This is possible with a good knowledge of the nutritional balance of formulae in order to influence the ratio between “beneficial bacteria” and “pathogenic bacteria”. The feeding strategy is known to be very efficient in this regard. It can be applied for instance by using fermented raw materials, by acting on the level and type of fibers, on protein quality and by providing customized feed for each physiological stage.
  • Strengthening animal immunity. All the techniques and methods allowing one to reinforce animal immunity will be beneficial when attempting to decrease the antibiotic level in feed. With all this in mind, using antioxidants, working with encapsulated ingredients, adding special plant extracts are all interesting elements to help attain this goal.

To implement these four stages requires changing not just deep-rooted habits, but also mindsets. As a feed expertise company, TECHNA is committed to working together hand in hand with their clients, farmers, livestock producers and other stakeholders in order to build a win-win cooperation leading to safe and sustainable farming. All these themes are part of the more global ITINEO approach & its 7 steps aiming for a sustainable management of sanitary and environmental risks. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with our experts or to visit them Hall 20 – A38 & Hall 11 – B05 for more information!