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Performance, nature, respect

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Nutritional and zootechnical expertise for all species

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Solutions to Improve animal nutrition

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Reconciling intensive production with performance, quality and profitability

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Manage with you the nutrition of tomorrow

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FEEDIA® feed expertise unit

Our mission: to stimulate the competitiveness of actors within the feed sector

The TECHNA® Group, through its feed expertise unit, supports the development of feed production companies and feed millers alike. The solutions we offer improve the competitiveness of our customers’ enterprises while being animal, human and planet-friendly. As such, the FEEDIA® is committed to providing the following:

  • relevant expertise in nutrition and zootechnics;
  • original technical software;
  • reliable and competitive premix;
  • innovative additive solutions.

FEEDIA® designs tools, products, and services to improve the techniques and profitability of its customers. Our sustained dynamic of innovation allows us to combine intensive production with profitability, quality, and safety.


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TECHNA Group worldwide

The Techna Group is a french-based company founded in 1964 and now operating in nearly 50 countries. This global presence owes its success to a deep-rooted people centric culture, based on respect for their specific geographical, cultural and economic traits.