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SPACE 2021 RABBIT: A collaborative rabbit management system for dynamic farm monitoring

For several years, the feed expertise company FEEDIA has been strengthening its investments in digital with the development of decision support tools already known under the brand name WefeedⓇ for pigs and poultry.  The rabbit experts are in turn launching, from this autumn, their first WefeedⓇ module dedicated to technical and economic management and called WefeedⓇ GTE.

Its originality? WefeedⓇ GTE is both a mobile application for farmers and a global management tool for technicians.

Dynamic batch monitoring and alerts for the farmer

Thanks to the WefeedⓇ GTE application available on smartphone, the rabbit breeder enters his daily data directly. This brings many advantages. Firstly, the application allows the farmer to monitor his farm and read the data in real time, with the calculated technical results, as well as monitoring graphs (mortality curves, monitoring the mortality of females over the cycle and according to their parity...) weight curve...  Finally, the WefeedⓇ GTE application triggers alerts when there are any deviations in the criteria monitored  (mortality and weight), with the possibility of sending an SMS directly to the technician via the tool.

Close monitoring between the technician and the breeder

The information entered by the farmer is automatically sent to the feed technician on a database accessible via PC. The technician thus has reliable and up-to-date support for reactive and relevant advice. These include a management sheet summarising the technical and economic results (results per batch and annual results). WefeedⓇ GTE also provides a graphical analysis of results (multi-band and multi-criteria) as well as a comparative analysis of feed programmes.    

Available from FEEDIA's feed manufacturers partner.

Find out more at the SPACE and the SOMMET DE L'ELEVAGE !

  • SPACE 2021 : Hall 5, Stand A23
  • ​Sommet de l’Elevage 2021 : Hall 1, Row D.E,Stand 0132